Restoring Childhood
Nepal with 5% of school age children remaining out of school, 45% of the population living under the international poverty line, 1.6 million children involving in economic activities (child labor) and 1 child out of  every 5 children suffering of child sexual abuse strongly stress on the need of the immediate and comprehensive efforts to address multi social hurdles in preserving childhood in line with Convention on Child Rights. Such a dismal condition of children in Nepal propelled Access to launch a multi facet program entitled RESTORING CHILDHOOD.

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Child Protection
"Community Based Child Rights Protection and Promotion Action” project is running in Kathmandu since 2010. Kathmandu valley alone is the home of 200000 child labors. Out of which, 58000 children are employed for domestic work. Child Domestic labor (CDL), prime target group of Access, is categorized by ILO in 1989 as most vulnerable and exploited group of  economically active children and the most difficult to protect citing their non contact to outer world.Child labor is a grave and massive violation of child rights not just because children have to work; rather it blockades children from enjoying other several rights and also increases their vulnerability towards violence and abuse. An estimated 246 million children are engaged in child labor – one in six children in the world.
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Food for Education
"Food for Education" project is aimed at providing school meal (school tiffin) to primary level students of government schools serving the most neglected and underprivileged children of backward community. With 16.8% school age children still being out of school, and most of primary level students being compelled to spend 5 hours at school without having a single grain due to their poverty  are the grave matter of concern and also barriers to achieve "Education for ALL" in Nepal by 2015 as Millennium Development Goals. [Read More]
Child Domestic Labor
“On a freezing winter morning, Kisan wakes up at 4 AM to fetch water. The day of this 13 years timid boy fully occupies with cleaning floors, escorting employer’s children to the bus stand for school, scrubbing mountains of utensils, washing piles of clothes and massaging the boss. His hand wears full of cracks and roughness as a result of excessive work.  After a full day work without a single break, Kisan goes for sleep at 10 PM at a room built under the staircase…”

Concerned about the future of child domestic workers like Kisan and other neglected children, ACCESS is launching “RESTORING CHILDHOOD” program since 2010.
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Sponsor a Child
Child sponsorship is a way of raising long term support for needy children particularly serving their educational needs. Needy children if not assisted through educational intervention at a right time, then the probability of children being exposed to abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation remain alarmingly high. Your sponsoring helps a child to protect from harms; to see school; develop his mind and eventually become a confident, self-reliant and civilized human being.

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Access Home
Access home also known as the transitional home is a short term safe shelter facility to the children suffered from child labor exploitation, sexual abuse and violence with an objective of reintegrating these children back to their family and community. For this, the home will render the services of an immediate rescue, medical support, psychosocial counseling, legal aid and school education support.

The transitional home works in the collaboration with likeminded organizations and government agencies like police, district child welfare board, and central child welfare board.

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